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Best Time to Travel to Peru

In Peru, the dry season lasts from May to November and is typically the time that is recommended most. On the other hand, this is also the coolest time of year. Evening temperatures can fall below freezing at the peak of the dry season. June, July and August are the most common months to visit so you will be inclined to come upon much larger crowds during these months.

December to April is the wettest season; you can anticipate showers three to four afternoons a week. For tourists that do not mind a little sprinkle and muddy trails, this time of year offers smaller crowds and greener hillsides, with wildflowers and orchids in bloom.

The shoulder seasons, April to June or September to November can frequently offer the best of both worlds. They on average have fewer crowds and warmer temperatures than the peak of the dry season, although you will still encounter relatively little rain.


January - New Year's Day

March - Good Friday -Easter Monday

May - Labour Day

June - St Peter's & St Paul's Day

July - Independence Day

July - Independence Day Celebrations

August - St Rosa of Lima

October - Battle of Angamos

November - All Saints Day

December - Immaculate Conception

December - Christmas Day

Weekend - Saturday, Sunday